This page is the online public version of our monthly newsletter. This page will contain excerpts from our full version Slab And Gab available to members. This information is made available to non-members as a public service and to carry out our mission which includes dissemination of information and education regarding earth sciences related to gems and minerals more specifically rock collection and lapidary work. This public version will not include any identifying content with respect to our members or upcoming events for the protection of our members. Please enjoy our experiences and knowledge as we enjoy providing this information as much as creating the experience. If you would like to become a member of the club and make your own experience and share in the fun of collecting and working with materials we find, you are welcome to attend our meetings.

The full version of the Slab And Gab is only available to members of the club. Members of the club may access the full version of the newsletter and other private content on the website. You may click these links to register and login. Once logged into your account you will have full access to the private area of the site. We do this for your privacy protection and the protection of the privacy of all our members.